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Our Coffee

When we say "Our Coffee" we mean it. We are involved every step of the way. We drive for hours to the villages that grow our beans, meet our coffee farmers, walk among the coffee trees, touch the beans, learn the process and get to know the beautiful people who spend long hours every day to make our coffee so special.


Meet our Coffee Blends below and visit Our Blog to see our passion.

The rich, bold flavors of our Rwandan coffee are a true embodiment of global inspiration and hope.

This coffee tells the remarkable story of a nation that has risen from a dark past, forging a brighter future through unity and resilience. Our sustainably grown beans not only offer an exceptional cup of coffee but also support the hardworking Rwandan farmers and their families.


As you indulge in these extraordinary brews, let the spirit of Rwanda inspire you, no matter where you are in the world, to appreciate the strength of unity and the power of human resilience. Together, we can uplift one another and contribute to a better, more connected world for all.


Each one of our blends is named after an actual gorilla family. As the leader of each family, the silverback gets the cover, but all the members play an important role.


Each silverback portrayed was personally photographed by our founders during a gorilla tracking experience. The artistic renditions of those photographs were lovingly drawn by hand by Pete Olivas, a very dear friend of our founder Tami Loehrs. A personal thank you to Pete and his wife Brenda for always being supportive of this crazy dream!

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